Imtex Membranes
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High Performance Olefin Purification and Extraction Technology for the Petrochemical Industry

IMTEX offers advanced membrane separation technology for olefin/paraffin separation and other applications in the petrochemical industry. Imtex technology is the only commercially viable alternative to traditional distillation techniques for olefin purification and extraction. Capital expenditures are greatly reduced with our technology over distillation with much lower energy consumption cost and environmental impact, reduced installation costs and a decrease in ongoing maintenance.

The Imtex system integrates with existing technology to optimize processes in extracting the value from olefin containing streams. In a number of cases the Imtex system can also be applied to olefin separations which are commercially desirable but considered impractical for conventional technology.


Cross-Section of Membrane

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Olefin-Paraffin Feed Mixture

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Olefin Product 99.5% Purity

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Imtex Membranes
Innovative Membrane Technologies