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Imtex Membranes Corp. is a cleantech company that specializes in the separation of gases for the petrochemical industry using innovative membrane technology. Imtex has developed a fully patented process, brand named Permylene, which has significant cost, environmental and other benefits in the production of chemical products derived from petroleum and natural gas.

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Imtex’s Permylene process focuses on the purification of olefins (ethylene, propylene and butenes) by separating them from their corresponding paraffins (ethane, propane, and butanes respectively). Olefins are the predominant building blocks in the production of many polymers, plastics and other products. The incumbent olefin separation technology, fractional distillation, is expensive, energy consuming and polluting with high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Depending upon the type of facility, the Permylene process would reduce capital expenditure by 30 - 75% and operating costs by 30 - 90% through improved energy efficiency, as no energy is required to boil or condense the process streams for separation. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced by up to 90%.

The Permylene process can produce significant capital and operating cost savings in the order of tens of millions US$ for new projects and existing production facilities.


Permylene Benefits

Customer Savings   New Revenue for Customers





Olefin Recovery from Waste Streams


Lower Energy Cost



Stream Value Upgrading


Reduced Emissions



 New Product Opportunities

Annual global emissions due to the incumbent separation process - distillation - are some 350 million tonnes of CO2. Permylene can reduce these emissions by up to 90%.

In addition, significant new revenue streams and cost saving opportunities are provided to customers through easily achievable separations that are impractical for distillation.  


Permylene uses membranes made from chitosan for its separation process. Chitosan is a natural source polymer derived from chitin, the major structural constituent of the exoskeleton of crustaceans and insects. The membranes are installed in an industry standard spiral wound membrane element format.

In a petrochemical plant, an olefin-paraffin feed mixture is fed into the membrane element which separates the gases. The process is modular and highly scalable, allowing for the installation of any number of membrane elements depending on the plant production capacity.

Membrane cross-section

CAD$16.5 million and over 10 years of research and development have been invested into the development of Permylene which has received technical performance validation from several international petrochemical producers. Furthermore, significant technical review was undertaken during the due diligence performed by key innovation supporting government funding institutions, including National Research Council Canada, Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Ministry of Research and Innovation Ontario before funding was awarded.

Permylene customers include petrochemical producers, oil refiners, specialty chemical producers, engineering/procurement/construction companies and technology licensors. Imtex is working with over 40 petrochemical producers globally, and negotiations for the installation of pilot demonstration units are currently underway with a number of customers.

Imtex has patented the Permylene process with two patents. The first is a granted patent for the olefin/paraffin membrane process and composition covering several jurisdictions. The second, a patent pending covering the membrane hydration process has been filed in all relevant international jurisdictions and was recently issued in China. These two patents complement each other for practical commercial applications and protect the technology globally to 2032.

Imtex is a subsidiary of Monteco Ltd., a private, strategic investment firm that starts / acquires and grows ground-breaking companies in the industrials, cleantech and software sectors. Based in Toronto, Canada, over the last 25 years Monteco has specialized in commercializing early stage technologies and growing them into successful operating businesses. For more information please visit www.monteco.com.

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