About Imtex Membranes

Imtex Membranes Corp. specializes in the separation of gases for the petrochemical industry using innovative membrane technology. Imtex has developed a fully patented process, brand named Permylene, which has significant cost, capacity de-bottlenecking and emissions reduction benefits in the production of chemical products derived from petroleum and natural gas.

Imtex Membranes Corp. is a leading innovator of advanced membrane separation technology currently focusing on the rapid deployment of olefin/paraffin separation for application in the petrochemical and refining industries. Following years of research and development, Imtex Membranes currently possesses the only high performance, commercially viable alternative to traditional distillation techniques for olefin purification and extraction - the Permylene™ membrane system. The technology’s potential for substantial economic and environmental benefits is expected to set new standards across the industry.
Imtex Membranes continues to develop membrane separation technology for a range of applications involving C2, C3 and C4 olefins or other olefin mixed gas streams. Imtex is actively searching for opportunities to demonstrate this technology with industry leaders, enabling them to leverage the capital and operating cost advantages that the technology will bring to their operations. Imtex Membranes is part of the Monteco Ltd. group of companies.