Olefins Recovery from Purge Streams

High purity olefin monomer must be maintained in most polyolefin polymerization processes so contaminants are routinely eliminated via purge streams.  A number of petrochemical processes that produce a variety of olefins also sustain their midstream purities through the purging of unwanted contaminants.  These purge streams are often flared or consumed in lower value locations in the process, wasting valuable olefins and/or creating unwanted environmental emissions.  Extracting high purity olefins from the mixed purge streams containing paraffins and various impurities is desirable but to date has not typically been practical or economical.

Permylene membrane technology can be utilized to separate the valuable olefins from the paraffins and impurities, thereby reducing the environmental impact by decreasing the waste stream volume while recovering valuable feedstock to recycle to upstream operations such as polymer and LAO (Linear Alpha Olefins) production.  Permylene membrane technology is also much more favorable economically than cryogenic alternatives for olefin-paraffin separation and recovery.