Specialty Chemicals

Aside from mainstream olefin production, the complex and intricate petrochemicals and chemicals industry is comprised of numerous specialty chemicals production facilities that use light olefins within their processes.

The ability to recover or alter olefin concentrations from various process streams utilizing Permylene membrane technology could be economically desirable for several applications.  These are typically non-commodity, high value chemical production plants that utilize olefins such as butadiene and certain butene isomers in the production of specialty chemicals, plastics and packaging materials. 

Permylene Olefins Applications.png


  • ROI Justifiable CAPEX
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced emissions fines/fees and environmental impact
  • Stream value upgrading (see oil refining and upgrading for technical explanation)
  • New product opportunities
  • C₂, C₃ and C₄ separations achievable where distillation is challenging