Lower Capital Cost (CAPEX) Alternative to Distillation

Lower CAPEXThe inherent difficulty of achieving a stream of a high purity olefin (e.g. propylene) from a mixed stream containing non-olefin components of similar volatility, such as the corresponding paraffin (e.g. propane) drives up the cost of the distillation column and associated equipment. The column is large, with many trays and the high reflux ratio required to achieve high olefin purity drives the need for large reboiling and condensing systems.

With its facilitated transport membrane technology that is not based on relative volatility, Permylene membrane systems efficiently achieves a high degree of separation, and therefore high olefin purity, with smaller, lighter, modular systems that are easily shipped to and deployed on site.

  • Results in faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Overall deployment cost is much lower than distillation in most cases; as much as 85% lower