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Reinvention and Innovation are Critical to the Future of the Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry has been experiencing record-breaking profits over the past few years. A lot has to do with advantaged gas feedstocks available for downstream processes that convert olefins such as ethylene and propylene into plastics and rubbers that are used in growth markets such as the United States and Asia.

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Can Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industries Embrace "Clean Tech"?

The Oil and Gas (O&G) and Petrochemical industries have not been synonymous with “clean tech” in the public’s eye to date. The industry is usually portrayed as being archaic, with significant emphasis on negative stories, such as oil spills in the oceans and air pollution. Very little is expressed in the media about how society has benefited from the modern industrialisation of advanced chemical processes, associated products or the industry’s strive to ‘clean-up’.

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The Future of Gas Separation Through Membrane Technologies

According to a recent report from Credence Research published in March 2017 “…the global gas separation membranes market is projected to experience substantial growth over the forecast period of 2016 to 2024 owing to growing industrialization in emerging economies. Technical innovations in water & 

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