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Permylene™ to be Intoduced to Future Petrochemical Industry Engineers

Published on October 26, 2016

Glenn Towe, CEO and President of Imtex Membranes Corp., and University of Waterloo Alumnus, is honoured to be invited to speak to the members of The Society of Petroleum Engineers at the University of Waterloo to present at their Student Energy Conference on 29 October 2016.  

The objective of the conference is primarily to highlight technical innovations in the energy sector (mainly oil and gas), with interest in downstream petrochemical technology as well.  Therefore, the presentation to be given by Glenn Towe on Permylene™, Imtex's innovative membrane technology for olefin-paraffin separation is expected to be of great interest to those in attendance.  The fundamental technology underpinning Permylene was orginally invented at the University of Waterloo by Professor Xianshe Feng of the Chemical Engineering Department.

The full program covers topics in both the upstream and downstream divisions as well as highlighting the political and economic hurdles that face the Canadian Energy landscape.

Imtex and the University of Waterloo have worked in unison for several years and successfully provide Co-Op opportunities for engineering students. 

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