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Imtex's Permylene membrane separation technology revolutionizes olefin extraction and purification for the petrochemical and refining industries.  Imtex membrane technology is currently the only commercially viable, high-performance alternative to traditional distillation techniques for olefin-paraffin separation and purification.  The technology is also able to perform separations that have, to date, been considered difficult or impractical.

Imtex’s Permylene process focuses on the purification of olefins (ethylene, propylene and butenes) by separating them from their corresponding paraffins (ethane, propane, and butanes respectively). Olefins are the predominant building blocks in the production of many polymers, plastics and other products. The incumbent olefin separation technology, fractional distillation, is expensive, energy consuming and polluting with high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Depending upon the type of facility, the Permylene process would reduce capital expenditure by 30 - 75% and operating costs by 30 - 90% through improved energy efficiency, as no energy is required to boil or condense the process streams for separation. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced by up to 90%.

Permylene offers substantial economic and environmental benefits over the distillation processes typically employed for olefin/paraffin separations, with many wide-ranging applications.


Industrial Applications for Permylene

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