Process Integration

The modular design of the Permylene membrane system allows for easy, incremental expansion if needed and can be easily integrated with other process systems in the plant.  The Permylene system can also be hybridized with existing distillation systems. 

Design and Operation

Designed for continuous operation, Permylene's processing capacities can meet any industrial olefins separation requirements due to its modular equipment design.  The fundamental system building block, the Permylene membrane element, can process between 30 and 100 kilograms per hour (depending on the application).  System size and performance is then tailored using a number of these elements in series or in parallel as required.

Technology Charactaristics

Permylene demonstrates outstanding selectivity for separating olefins from their mixtures with paraffins or other gases.

  • Permylene is primarily suitable for C₂, C₃ and C₄ olefin-paraffin separation applications
  • Permylene operates in the vapor phase, with gaseous feed and product streams involving no phase change and requiring no reflux
  • Constructed of proprietary polymeric materials, the operating temperature range for the Permylene membrane system is between 10℃ and 70℃, making a wide range of practical operating pressures available for various olefin / paraffin separations