Commercial systems

Imtex has taken great care to maximize performance, stability, efficiency, ergonomics and ease of operations and maintenance in its system designs. The modular nature of the Permylene membrane technology enables the system design to be both flexible and scalable. Permylene joins the trend of membrane technologies being employed more extensively in industrial gas separations such as carbon dioxide removal from natural gas, air separation, hydrogen removal from syngas, etc.

Key characteristics of the Permylene system:

  • Ease of operations: ergonomically designed cassette layout allows for ease of maintenance
  • Design allows for installed spare/standby cassettes and ease of incremental capacity expansions
  • Easy to replace, standard design membrane elements
  • Designs compliant with all safety, pressure rating, electrical and other industrial standards for hydrocarbon processing applications

Imtex has been working for a number of years to make Permylene membrane systems ready for commercial applications. If you are interested in a demonstration at your location.

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Compact Commercial System Design For Capacities From 200 to 1,000 kg/h Commercial System Design For Capacities Greater Than 1,000 kg/h


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Commercial System Attributes
  • Fully automated system capable of running 24/7 with minimal supervision and continuous data acquisition and reporting
  • Designed for ranges of application in C₂, C₃ and C₄ olefin-paraffin containing streams
  • Fully certified system to any location around the globe
  • Control system interface capabilities to any existing control system in the plant
  • Low operating cost for continuous operation

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